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The farm market at Wells Orchards is sure to satisfy lovers of fresh local produce. Family owned since 1919, Wells Orchards has always strived to bring the highest quality produce at reasonable prices. Freshness and consistency in our fruit is always a top priority at our farm market. Wells Orchards always offers a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in an honest, friendly, and family oriented atmosphere.

Apples are our largest tree fruit crop. Available from the last week of July until March, we offer over 25 different varieties of apples at our farm market. From the ever popular Honey Crisp to the hard to find Northern Spy our farm market offers a chance for anyone to get their apple a day! Fresh off the tree, in the fall, apples are crunchy, juicy, and versatile. Winter apples at the farm market are equally as fresh due to our on farm storage facilities.

Our second largest tree fruit crop, peaches, are available from mid-July to early September. A farm market favorite, the Red Haven variety is Wells Orchards’ most successful peach variety for canning and freezing. The new Flamin Fury peaches are showing to be a good go to peach. At various times throughout the summer we offer a total of thirteen varieties of peaches including White peaches and sweet cling peaches, known as Baby Gold. Weekly shoppers at the farm market are sure to find a peach just to their taste.

Wells Orchards truly begins the fruit season the last week of June with the sweet cherry harvest. The only fruit crop that we allow for u-pick, sweet cherries have a quick two week harvest season. The six varieties offered at our farm market are all grown to be large, dark, and super sweet! No ladders are needed to pick from our dwarf trees. No time to pick? We have already picked too and are available longer into July than u-pick.

July also sees the harvest of Wells Orchards apricots. The earliest of trees to bloom, spring conditions must be just right for apricots. Please call for availability in June.

Fresh, Ottawa County grown, blueberries become available at our farm market from July to August. August also brings the season for Shiro, Stanley, and Wells Red plums. We also have Bartlett pears available at the end of August. Bosc pears, a fall variety, can be found at our farm market most of the winter.

Along with our large variety of tree fruits we also have various garden fresh vegatables through the summer and fall. Sweet corn ,tomatoes, and winter squash are among the many choices at our farm market .