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Peaches made their appearance as part of Wells Orchards in 1971. Now the second largest fruit crop offered, at our farm market, peaches are a summer treat that you are not going to want to miss. We currently have thirteen varieties to choose from at our farm market, from mid-July to early September. Much more perishable than apples, peaches are harvested during a short window in the summer. However, this sweet and juicy fruit is very versatile. Early varieties are great for fresh eating and simple desserts. Later varieties, starting with Red Haven, are ideal for canning and freezing. Peaches are a stone fruit and are often categorized by how easy the pit can be removed. Cling stone, semi-cling, and free stone are always what you need to know about peaches. Peaches are generally harvested to be table ready within two to three days. Like all crops, harvest times and variety availability are weather dependent.

Semi-cling stone-

Flamin Fury #1 (second week of July)

8 Ball (third week of July)

Early Star (fourth week of July)

Earli Glo (fourth week of July)

Free Stone-

Red Haven (about August 10)

Lucky 13 (second week of August)

Flamin Fury #17 (second week of August)

Glowing Star (third week of August)

Flamin Fury #23 (third week of August)

Cresthaven (fourth week of August)

Flamin Fury #27A ( first week of September)


Baby Gold (third week of August)

White Peaches-

White Lady (second week of August)

Blushing Star (second week of August)