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Apples are the largest crop of fruit that we grow at Wells Orchards. At our farm market we currently offer more than twenty five different varieties of apples. Weather for cooking and baking , freezing or canning, or fresh eating, old or new, we are sure to have the variety that you are looking for. The apple harvest begins the last week of July and ends the second week of November. As with all crops, weather is always a factor in determining harvest dates and variety availability. Beginning with Gala most of the fall varieties are available all winter.


Pristine (last week)


Paula Red (week of Aug. 15)

Zestar (week of Aug. 22)

Ginger Gold (week of Aug. 20)


Wolf River (week of Sept. 8)

Talmon Sweet (week of Sept. 20)

Graham Spy ( week of Sept. 8)

Gala ( week of Sept. 8)

Golden Supreme (week of Sept. 10)

Honey Crisp (week of Sept. 10)

McIntosh (week of Sept. 18)

Cortland (week of Sept. 30)

Early Fuji (week of Sept. 25)


Empire (week of Oct. 1)

Jonagold (week of Oct. 1)

Red Delicious (week of Oct. 10)

Golden Delicious (week of Oct. 1)

Stark Jumbo (week of Oct. 9)

Mutsu/Crispin (week of Oct. 13)

Ida Red (week of Oct. 13)

Northern Spy (week of Oct. 13)

Cameo (week of Oct. 20)

Fuji (week of Oct. 20)

Braeburn (week of Oct. 20)


Granny Smith (first week)

Pink Lady (second week)