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About Wells Orchards

Wells Orchards has always been committed to growing the highest quality fruit at a reasonable price for our farm market.

At Wells Orchards we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principals as our growing practice and philosophy. IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. IPM helps set “action” thresholds for pests and diseases in our orchards. IPM gives us the tools to monitor and identify damaging pests and diseases and help find methods of prevention. Our goal is to spray as little as possible and still grow high quality fruit.

IPM gives Wells Orchards the most practical and up to date control methods with the least amount of impact on people, land, and environment. Both conventional and organic growers may use the IPM approach , often employing the same methods and materials to control pests and diseases.

We attend many hours of IPM workshops, update meetings, and seminars every year. Yearly training allows us to keep current and expand our knowledge and understanding of fruit pests. Michigan State University’s extension education for tree fruit is a large part of this ongoing process. We are always learning and improving at Wells Orchards. (the pictures below are only examples of what can happen in an orchard that is not properly cared for)

Apple Scab


Red Mites

Codling Moth